Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

It is the 3rd day of the new year and I have finally made it back to my blog.

The holidays were busy, busy, busy. Christmas day had family at my house for dinner and gift exhange and then the 26th was also filled with family and more gift exchanging. After eating for what seemed weeks on end, I am glad to announce that the weight gain was kept down to 3 lbs. I still can't believe I made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year with only 3 extra pounds.

I have added a new shop to my etsy listings and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the economy will pick up and I will get some new customers. will be getting a face lift over the next month along with the oopening of , my new shop.

Today we are clearing up the last of the evidence that the holidays are now behind us and a new year has begun. The christmas trees are down, the ornaments are put away, Christmas cards have been filed and the gifts have been put to use or put away.

A renewed creative energy has inspired me to make a couple of new quilts and I will be creating a tutorial for one of my newest custom projects. There will be plenty to keep me busy.