Monday, November 30, 2009

New Finds

Well last night I did a bit of searching out the Etsy holiday sales and found some lovely items to purchase.

This cute art doll fairy pin was featured on my blog once before and I just love the look and colors of this little cutie.  I have been watching this particular item for some time, so I finally decided she had to have a home.  She is on her way to me from the Etsy shop of DebiDesigns.

Along with the fairy pin I found some really cute pet ornaments.  The perfect holiday addition to your homes decor if you are a dog lover or know one.  I plan to use these as gift tags for some dog lovers I know.  These two are on their way to me from Dunk Designs another wonderful Etsy shop.

I have also added a quirky little pincushon to my collection from Tracy Designs, but mine will be a custom order similar to the one pictured below.  I can hardly wait to see what my little one will look like.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale

Turkey is in the oven, sides are prepped and waiting to be heated or baked, pies are on the breakfast counter tempting everyone that walks past. Early dinner late lunch, that is our plan for the day along with planning our Christmas shopping for the best deals we can find.

I am not one to brave the 3:00 a.m. or all night waiting lines for the best "deals" in town. No, I would rather let my fingers do the walking and shop on-line for those special OOAK (one of a kind) items that will delight family and friends. Come with me on my search through Etsy and see what I have found.

First stop is my own shop where we will find free shipping, discounted prices and free gifts with purchase on several items.

This OOAK quilt has a very French Country feel in beautiful colors of soft yellow and multiple shades of blue. A quilt suitable for a twin bed or a full size bed that will come to you with free shipping.

This lovely little tote can be used as a purse, a craft tote for your sewing, crochet or knitting projects or as a gift bag filled with your ladies favorite scents or toiletries. If you purchase this little retro print tote I will throw in a matching zippered change purse for free.

These are just a couple of the sale items in my shop, but now it is time to take a break and check on eating some of that turkey and socialize with my guests. Don't worry there are more shops to check out for Black Friday Sales.

I'm back to stop in on a couple of other shops I found today.

How about these Mini EcoNotes, a great little stocking stuffer or use to add a personal note to your gifts. These lovely little note cards and envelops can be found at Nature's Cubbyhole. To find out about their discounted prices drop in to their shop and take a look around.

How about some jewelry?

This beautiful silver necklace is very modern, chic and eco friendly made from re-purposed items. A beautiful gift for someone or for yourself at a very reasonable price. Check out Iraisbloom at

Well, I hope you like my selections so far, there is still more to come as I search for the perfect gift, but for tonight I think my overeating coma is about to hit and I see a nap in my very near future.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Quiltsy Team Sale Event Nov 13 - 20th

The Quiltsy Team is having a pre-holiday sales event this week and there are tons of items on sale for 10% off or more in many of the team member's shops. All you need to do is search Etsy for "quiltsysale" and you will be directed to the pages of items you can find at numerous shops. I have listed some of my favorite items in my "Sale" section at 10 to 20% off regular prices and some items are listed with free shipping. Prices have already been reduced on the listing so you don't need to wait for a revised invoice which makes checkout fast and easy.

Some of the items on sale in my shop are these lap quilts.

This first one called, "Gone Surfing", would make a great great gift for the vintage care enthusiast or a surfer, snuggle up and dream of summer days to come.

This girly girl quilt called "Her Majesty", would make a great lap quilt or crib quilt for the princess in your life, regardless of her age.

There are lots of items in my shop on sale, so if you have a favorite already marked check in and see if it has been reduced in price during this week long sale.

Friday, November 6, 2009

When Life Hands You Lemons......

No, I didn't get lost in Houston. We made it there and home with a nice stash of items along with lots of inspirations to work on this next year .

I have heard the saying, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade", numerous times. What if life hands you a bushel of lemons, do you just keep making pitcher after pitcher of lemonade or is there something else you can do? Life seems to be a bushel of lemons right now and I am doing my best to make lemonade but there is only so much lemonade you can take. Maybe I will try for lemon meringue pie instead, more sweet than tart.

Business had slowed down after Houston, we had a craft show and although I thought my display wall and baskets were a great asset to my booth, the sales were not so great. I handed out the usual business cards and answered numerous questions about custom work, which always happens without much follow up.

Well, just as I was beginning to think that business was taking a slumping down turn, I had a call from a friend inquiring for a friend (a likely story one would think in other circumstances) about doing a custom quilt. This time I had the option of following up or just letting it slide. What to do? Well of course I did what any good business person would do, I slept on it and called the next day. I ended up with an order for 2 custom quilts and a possible third after the holidays. I have since finished one quilt and with the owners permission I am proud to display the first Photo Memory Quilt made by Quilting Frenzy.

Then came the kicker, I got a call from one of my inquiring customers at the show and I ended up with 4 more orders for custom quilts. Now I am up to my eyeballs in custom orders and already have 2 more to look forward to after the holidays.

Maybe lemon meringue pie was a better way to go.