Thursday, August 19, 2010

"May I take your order?"

"It's not the length of life, but the depth of life."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It seems that lately my "plate" has been full with custom orders for memory quilts and t-shirt quilts. 

Memory quilts, for me, have meant mutlitple orders from the same family.  One customer put it this way, "it has brought closure and healing and helped us remember the happy times", when describing what it meant to her to have a quilt made from her father's flannel shirts. 

My latest customer required a more simple and classic design to commemorate her late husband's memory using his business attire.  I created this design that she felt represented his life and  encompassed the simplicity that she wanted.

T-shirt quilts are always fun to put together and a style of quilt that really shows off the owners fun side, dedication and accomplishments.

These two quilts were made for two different customers, one as a graduation gift in their school colors and the other with a treasury of favorite t-shirts bordered in her favorite color.

I love a challenge, and creating custom order memory quilts and t-shirt quilts has become one of my favorite projects. Working with individuals and families to make memory quilts is very rewarding, as I help them through a difficult time and find a use for items that are difficult to give away while trying to deal with the loss of a loved one.  The t-shirt quilts are fun to make and gives me a peak into the personailty of the owner which sometimes can be quite surprising.  They are a great way to save favorite shirts that commemorate school activities or just fun times had with friends.  

So, "May I take your order?"