Friday, November 7, 2008

Thank God its Friday

It has been one very long week. I finished up 2 of my custom items, one I sent off with DH this morning for delivery and the second one will be delivered tomorrow.

Baby quilt for customer

I am quickly learning about pricing items and I feel that I have serious underpriced some of the items that I have made. Live and learn. The only plus is that I hope this gets my name out there and will bring about more business. Another learning curve has been the timing, sometimes people decide to give a quilt as a gift and it is on short notice so I am getting some last minute orders. It is difficult because I want to produce quality products as I am sure that is what people expect but it is difficult to do when I am pressed for time.

Just got a call from the customer that ordered the baby quilt. She loved it "I wanted to cry when I saw it, it is so beautiful". I am so happy that she was pleased with the work and she has already mentioned that she will be ordering another in Feb. for a neice that is expecting a baby. She promises to give me more time on the next one.LOL

Well, I am off to sort out my sewing studio so I can get working on my next project.

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