Friday, April 17, 2009

Visions Revisited

I got, what I felt, was a wonderful response to my last post, and I thank everyone that left a comment.

I read each comment and there were many different forms of inspiration, music, materials on hand, memories, nature, etc but for me it came down to one thing, "Visions". It seems that for each person, whatever their "inspiration", it helped them "see" something they wanted to create. It gave them a vision, a path to follow, a starting point to a final creation. So my next question is: What motivates you to get started? What is it that gets you going in the morning, afternoon, whatever time of the day you choose. What is it that gets you to begin to realize your vision?

I am inspired by memories, materials, nature, events, many things, but I do not always act out on those inspirations. So what is it that gets us going on a particular project? Sometimes for me it is about the level of complexity involved. How difficult it is to put this vision together? Other times it is about timing. Can I afford to stop what I am working on to move on to something else? Then there is always materials. Do I have everything I need, and if I don't can I afford the time and cost to run around looking for it?


after (almost done)

I feel, in the end, what motivates me is the desire to "see" my vision come to life. I love working out patterns and designs just to see if it is possible to achieve what in my heart I feel and see.

So, what motivates you to work? What is it that gets you going to begin to realize your vision? Whatever it is I wish you lots of it.


GrandmaMarilyns said...

Usually I have a very hard time getting motivated anymore. I guess what motivates me is the enthusiasm to get my idea to paper. My problem is once it is there, it doesn't seem to get to the finished stage.

By the way, love your quilt. It is gorgeous. I wouldn't have the patience to create that beauty.

EDC Collective said...

You wrote "I feel, in the end, what motivates me is the desire to "see" my vision come to life." I agree totally. It is gratifying to me to create something beautiful and/or useful.

cabin + cub said...

Wow! It's beautiful! Nice to see the before and after shots. ;)

kimmy said...

the motivation muse has many forms. it seems to be a very personal drive. for myself i find inspirations while showering or doing the dishes. simple tasks that we do daily lets my mind wander off to what we really want to be doing ARTING. reorganizing the STASH helps too. playing with your fabric or paper. putting combinations of things that look good together in ziplock bags. sometimes doing one project leads to another. i guess if you are an artist in your heart you see art everywhere.

Grandma B said...

The thing that motivates me in making quilts is being able to see that first block, that combination of putting the pieces together and seeing the "show!"

Kim said...

LOVE the quilt! The border really works well with it...makes it extra special...nice work!

Grandma B said...

Looks great, I've always loved yellow and blue!