Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm Back!!!!

When you least expect it life steps in and smacks you.

I have been away for the last few months because my father, 87 years old, had been hospitalized and was well on his way back to recovery when he was bitten by a spider and developed a severe infection. He is a diabetic and we were very concerned because of his weakened immune system following his hospitalization. I have been caring for him and he is back up to his usual routine once more and should be going back to his own home this coming week.

I had never realized how much work it is to care for an ailing elderly parent and I now have a profound respect for those that do it full time. I have learned that it takes a great deal of patience and it takes up so much of what used to be "free" time. My brothers and I have been very lucky that Dad has always been healthy and able to care for himself and is still able to do many things on his own. This last illness took us all by surprise and even his doctor was shocked to see him so ill, but like I said he will be going home soon to resume his regular routines. I have convinced him that it is time to hire a home care provider to at least drop in on him a few times a week to help with cleaning and cooking.

It has been difficult to find inspiration lately with my time and my thoughts focused on my father and now that I am back in my work space I feel as if I have hit a wall. Spending time with my father, we talked about his life when he was young and he did not seem to have any regrets or feel he had left things unfinished. He talked about my mother (passed away 13 yrs ago) and how brave she seemed as she faced the fact that the cancer that plagued her for years had finally won. He said that he was amazed at how she dealt with it and how she did not seem to have any fear. This time with him has made me feel that I have left so many things unfinished, especially quilting projects. I have decided that I will dig into my WIP (works in progress) box and see what there is to work on. We often leave so many things undone or unsaid and they only seem to fill us with regret or "what ifs" and I thought that the least I could do is to help some of those ideas find a reality.

How many "works in progress" do you have? Take the poll and lets see who wins. The one that dies with the most fabric wins, well in this case it is the most WIPs, UFOs or whatever you happen to call them.

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Audrey said...

Glad to hear your father is almost back to his old self!! My grandmother is 93 and lives in a personal care home. It's definitely the right place for her and I feel the same way - have so much respect for the people who work there every day.