Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back In Business

I am back in my workspace today for some much needed sewing therapy.

I still have lots of sorting to do in my sewing room but you can't be working in your sewing room and not take time to sew. A friend told me not too long ago that I needed some quilting therapy to get me back into the sync of things and I think she was definitely right on that point. I took my fabric out the other day, layered it with cotton/poly batting and did some outline quilting around some of the designs on the fabric.

At the time I really had not taken the time to think about what this was going to become, I just wanted to quilt something. Well, it is a great cotton canvas fabric and it is perfect for a tote bag or purse, so now a decision has to be made, tote or purse.

I have to get back to doing the chores of the day so I will have time to think about what direction to go in with this project. Sometimes creative ideas come but it takes time to get them all sorted out into a completed project.

I hope that today creative ideas come your way and that you have time to make them into a completed project.

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