Monday, July 20, 2009

"Light Reading"

I haven't been very successful at treasuries in the past, most of the time they expire without much attention. When I created my treasury a few days ago I was quite surrprised at the attention it got and of course I was very pleased to see so many comments and clicks putting it on the second page of the "hotness" list. The last time I viewed it there had been over 90 views,which was very exciting for me.

A successful treasury brings exposure to a group of artists, but I believe the key is to find a title and theme that will interest a variety of people. My "Light Reading" treasury was a play on words that highlighted the work of quilted journals and lamps, some of which were handmade and some vintage. I am never bored and always amazed at the creativity of some of the artists on Etsy, when lightexture can take a steamer ,that I use often to steam my broccoli, and create a beautiful wall sconce, well that is creative in my eyes.

I will continue to "hunt" for the unusual and try to find other creative titles to bring attention to some more wonderful artists.

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