Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Results Are In

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge, for knowledge is limited while the imagination embraces the entire world."
Albert Einstein

The Apple Blossom "Project Quilting" challenge is over and the votes are in, you  and the judges have made their selection, find out the results of the challenge and the public winner at "Kim's Crafty Apple" .  Each judge has handed out their critiques to each quilter and here is what they had to say about my "Apple Blossom Baby".   The judging was on a 1-10 point basis.

Judge 1: This doll is adorable! I can certainly see the resemblance between Kim’s daughters and this dolly!  Very original and what a sweet face! The single crowning blossom is a nice touch, and the fabric choices are perfect for a little girl. 7

Judge 2: She’s adorable. I especially love the apple blossom in her hair. 7.5

Judge 3: I love your unique idea of making a dollie as compared to a quilt. It’s a very nice use of a variety of colors and fabric textures. 9.5

Thank you to the judges for the comments and appreciation of my vision.


Debbie said...

A very cute and original idea. Congratulations on the high scoring on originality.
A special sweet dolly for any precious little girl.

Karen said...

....nice scores! Ur dolly is adorable!