Sunday, September 21, 2008

designing woman

I've been playing taxi for the family all this last week and I am ready to quit driving altogether. Everytime I pull into the gas station it makes me cringe to look at the pump just spining out of control with the ever rising price of gas. This week will be a stay at home week and I will be able to devote more time to what I really need to do and this concentrate on my business.

I have been busy trying to add creations to my inventory for the craft sale next week. I have spent as much of my free time as I can in my sewing studio cutting out fabric and putting together tote bags, lap quilts, cell phone caddies, and items that I hope will be of interest to the shoppers. I have researched new fabric lines and the upcoming winter clothing lines for inspiration while trying to keep in mind the customer base that will be going to this particular craft show. There is also the upcoming holidays that I need to consider for any seasonal items.

New Cell Phone Caddies: these have been added to my inventory and will soon be for sale in my shop.

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