Thursday, October 2, 2008

Craft Show or Bust?

Well, my first show as a vendor was a bust. I guess it can be labeled as a learning experience of what type of shows to stay away from and that made it a success.

Don't get me wrong, I am not giving up and crawling away to hide, if anything it has made me more determined to find the right niche for my craft. I love being a quilter but there are only so many quilts you can keep for yourself, so I have to find a market for my creations.
The next show is at the end of the month and now I have to start adding Holiday items to my inventory but as always, I have more ideas than I have time to work. I have made up some Christmas stockings and have several others in progress along with some Christmas door decorations. I am devoting this week to small holiday decorations and next week I will move on to larger items such as lap quilts and wall hangings.

My shop at is coming along nicely, although I have not had any sales yet. I am trying to rework the photographs and add some more inventory to both my on-line shop and my craft show items. I have started to check out other blog sites with similar interests as mine, I don't want to imitate anything but I do want to see what others are doing.

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