Friday, March 13, 2009

New Vision - New Direction

My designs are usually very traditional but I had a "vision" a few weeks ago just before I fell asleep. This "vision" has stayed with me like the melody of that last song you heard on the radio just before you turned it off, and with a haunting spirit keeps coming to mind since then. Everyday it creeps into my mind reminding me of its presence begging me to succumb to it's power for something more contemporary.
Well, today is the day for something new, push all those pieces of fabric and unfinished projects out of the way and lets get started on the foundation of what will become my next piece. I cut some pieces of fabric and placed them out on my cutting mat just trying to envision what, I think, will be a very contemporary piece, especially for me.

(Just a glimpse of what is to come.)

This has been a day of many "new visions" and new directions. I have been in a slump and worried about the economy and when my next sale will come, so I decided to walk into a local craft mall. I needed some rejuvination and I needed to find out if I was the only one in a "slump". Well, there were no surprises there, everyone is feeling the pinch of a rough economy and sales there are down also.
I did have one good turn of fortune when I ran into someone that I had met at a local craft show a few months back, and feeling at ease, I began to ask questions. The opportunity for a "new direction" came when I found out that they also do quilting classes and have been sending quilts out of town to be quilted. Here was my chance, and I was not going to let this one get away, I explained that I had recently purchased a quilting machine and was looking to expand into quilting services also. There was a quick exchange of business cards and a new business connection was made. I have been handing out business cards whenever and wherever I can and each visit to the fabric or craft store brings new opportunities to market myself.
There is business to be had out there and this venture has only made me more determined to find it. This weekend I plan on visiting a couple of local Market and Trade Days locations to see what is selling and what is not. I will exchange business cards with as many people as I possibly can and ask questions, especially from seasoned sellers that can give me some advice. This is my "New Design" for myself, to be a more active promoter of my own craft and talents.
As for my "vision" well it continues to come together and grow.

I wish everyone success and a "New Vision".


GrandmaMarilyns said...

Oh, that looks lovely. I plan to convo you with my SIL email as my MIL is looking for someone to do the quilting on her quilts as she can't handle it anymore. said...

New visions are great...they give you a lift and make you feel alive...!
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Kim said...

good luck with your new vision! I'm working on one as well! From your pictures it looks like it's going to be great!

thecraftbegins said...

Well I'm excited to see what it looks like!