Sunday, March 15, 2009

Renewed Spirit and Inspiration

Well yesterday was a day to network and get inspired by others.

I attended the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild meeting with my youngest daughter, both of us are members, and were in awe at the Bring and Brag session. These quilters are so very accomplished and they are so proud of their work, as well they should be. I sometimes feel inferior to these quilters, but they probably felt the same way once as they sat in the audience watching others sharing their work. I can only imagine the courage that it takes to get up in front of other quilters and show off what you are most proud of in hopes that others will share your joy. I am not sure my level of courage has reached that point yet, it is easy to show off pictures on a blog or in my etsy shop because I don't have to face my critics. Finding courage and not feeling inferior, this is the next challenge for me to face and work through.

I stopped by the Leon Valley Trade and Market Days, and even though it was a cold and drizzly sort of day, there were still vendors inside and out. The crowd wasn't too large but I could only imagine what the crowd would have been like had the weather been better, my "vision" for this venue was inspirational. I stopped at a few booths and spoke to some vendors and was pleased that they offered their encouragement to join them on the second saturday of each month as a vendor. I took stock of the items that vendors displayed and price points that we needed to consider as DD#3 and I discussed selling strategies.
Today with "renewed spirit" and "inspiration" I will begin adding to my inventory and next month I hope that my "vision" will be a reality. It was a great day off and we both enjoyed our day out together and are looking forward to a new week.
This week I wish everyone a "renewed spirit" and "inspiration"

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