Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project Reorganizaion - Day 2

"The truth of the matter is, we always know the right thing to do.  The hard part is doing it."
Norman Schwarzkopf

Yesterday I started on the top of this bookcase and used stick on labels to mark containers, I realized that using one color of labels for supplies and a different one for on-going projects provides a great visual cue to see what I have going on at one time.  This will become a good way to discourage starting new projects when I can so easily see what is still left unfinished . 

Before the end of the day I thought I would take care of a couple of other things.  I have a slotted wall file storage unit that had been in my closet for a year and a table top ironing board that needed a new home   The file unit was hung on the wall space next to the shelf putting it behind the door as you enter the room.  In the file unit I placed rolls of parchment paper, freezer paper and stabilizer. I then attached an adhesive hook on the lower side of the shelf for the ironing board, leaving plenty of space on top for any other items if needed.

Now on to the next reorganizing step.  Today I worked on the last 3 shelves of my bookcase.


Work did not go as smoothly or quickly as yesterday because these three shelves housed quilting books, magazines, assorted drawers of rulers, patterns and a vintage sewing machine in a case. The first step was to divide everything into categories of quilting/sewing books and quilting/sewing magazines.  In some cases as I pulled items off the shelves I was able to decide right away to keep it or toss it. 
I now have a a pile of magazines on my bed and some very empty shelves.  The magazines I put on the bed and before I go to bed tonight I will take another 30 minutes to check through them to see which ones are getting tossed, which will probably be most of them.  The storage drawers house specialty rulers that I put into zippered plastic bags and zip locks with labels identifying the type of ruler inside.
  The labels are actually on the inside of the bag so that as items are pulled out and put back into the drawers the labels will not be torn off the bag making this whole idea time wasted.  The vintage sewing machine will be placed outside the room for the time being until I get finished or at least closer to finishing and then decide where it will go.

I hope that my tips and things I am learning along the way about organizing a sewing space are helpful and informative.  I know that I am enjoying the process as well as the progress and am encouraged to continue to the point that I have to remind myself that I will only do 45 minutes per day.  I don't want to get burned out on the process and defeat the whole purpose of what I am doing.  If anyone has any ideas or tips or insight on orgainizing please leave a comment it is always appreciated.


EDC Collective said...

Great idea on the color coded labels for different categories of items.

Sue Runyon said...

Good work. Keep on going!

annsquiltnstuff said...

Way to go! Love your pictures!

Terry Aske said...

Great progress so far!

Great idea to store the rulers in a zip-lock bag, and sticking the label to the inside is brilliant!

I use zip-lock bags to store spools of thread (sorted by color) and scraps of fabric (also sorted by color). I find they work better than hard-sided containers. The containers always seem to be too big or too small.

I look forward to seeing what you do next.