Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reorganization Day 3

"The secret of success is constancy of purpose."
Benjamin Disraeli
Yesterday I took a blog break because I had an afternoon quilt group to meet with, but I did not take a break from organizing.  I got so caught up in what I was doing yesterday morning that I ran out of time to blog before it was time to leave.  I am happy to announce that it was a very productive day with some great results.

I had a plastic 2 drawer storage bin that I worked on yesterday.  A few months ago I wanted to level off and increase the surface space on top so I decided to place half of an antique wooden table top over the bins.  This table top belonged to my grandmother and at one time had a base but it has since been damaged and gotten rid of.  Increasing this space gave me a place to store my quilt tops waiting to be quilted, my "ladies in waiting".  The quilt tops or other items are placed into a large blanket box so I always know what I have that needs to be quilted.  The only things that do not go in this box are customer quilts.

The bins underneath hold leftovers from other projects that need to be cut and separated into strips and squares and once that is done I need to divide them down to darks and lights.  Right now the goal is to reorganize my room so the sorting and cutting of scraps will have to wait for another day.  I emptied the drawers into oversized totes that could be moved to another part of the house where I keep my full sized ironing board because these pieces will need to be ironed and then cut. 

The top bin was used to store the yarn that you see in the corner and the bottom drawer was used to store the denim jeans I use to make my aprons.  This is the result of all that work.

When I finished with this I had not used up all of my time alloted so I continued on to bins under my adjustable quilting frame.  I have 2 three drawer bins that house my fat quarters that have been sorted by color (still need to label) and I also included one smaller three drawer bin where one drawer holds my acrylic felt, one has become my selvage bin and the other has charm squares.
The project is moving right along and although exhausting it has been fun and exciting to see everything finding a more permanent home.  I already have begun to feel more creative and thinking up ideas of new things I would like to make.
A few more items have been added to my bookshelf but everything is labeled and what isn't labeled is not hidden from view so all supplies and projects are able to be seen.   I hope that what I am doing and ideas that I am coming up with inspire my readers when and if they want to tackle this type of job in their own space.

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