Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reorganization Prep

"Problems that remain persistently insoluble should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way."
Alan Watts

I spent yesterday looking for advice on how to reorganize my sewing studio.  In the past I would have thumbed through books or magazines, but today the first step in research is the internet, so I Googled it.  I found some interesting sites that helped me get started with my plan.

My first stop was at this Better Homes and Gardens web page: .  The tools here allow you to draw out your room size as well as provide you with tools to add furniture and create a room arrangement.    With the help of these tools I was able to set up the pieces of furniture that I will use in my room and get an overview of the space and how to use it best. Every inch of space must be used wisely to make the most of this sewing studio.

The next step was looking for some tips on how to organize the supplies that will be in this space.  Once more Google was a big help with this link: .  At this site there were ideas on how to approach your room organization which is a great starting point for my project.  I think this will help me get started and focus on the things that are important to be successful in this endeavor. There is also an alphabetical Organizing Tips page, that can help you with all types of organizing ideas.

After much reading and thought it came to me that clutter is the result of procrastination and my clutter has migrated past the door of my sewing studio and is on its way to engulf the rest of my life.  Sometimes we can feel paralyzed by the idea that things need to get done but we don't know where to start and the easy way out is to just not get started, creating an ever vicious cycle.  As I continued to read some of the articles I had found I came upon a link called "flylady" and decided to check it out.  If you have trouble seeing daylight through all the clutter I suggest you check this site out: tackle your problem with the help of what could be called a one step program for those that need extra help on where to get started

So with the research done it is time to start planning, tomorrow is "start day" and I need to have a plan of where to start, how much work time do I have everyday and what kind of tools do I need to complete my tasks.  Today is prep day, lets see if I can keep the momentum and stay on track so that the new year will find me in a newly organized space that is both comfortable and inviting to work in. 

If you have any ideas or helpful links please feel free to leave a comment.  I am always in the market for any organization tips, expecially those that are inexpensive.


EDC Collective said...

Good luck with your project. I love to use the computer to move things around in a space to find the best arrangement. It sure beats having to cut out scaled furniture pieces and move them around a piece of graph paper like my dad used to do.

Sue Runyon said...

Great! Can't wait to see how it progresses.

BooBooZoo said...

Good Luck and make sure you take pictures along the way! I think most of us have the same problems... clean doesn't always equate to creative! I know I need to clean my space up, but I always think of something AMAZING right as I get started so I abandon the cleaning project because I can't forget my newest greatest idea!
May we all find strength through your journey!

creationsbynm said...

Good luck with you project, I hope you take pictures as you go and can't wait to see the finished product

sewmeow said...

Keep us posted on your progress...we ALL can use the ideas.