Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Pins and Needles

 Recycling materials to create new items can be fun and challenges the imagination.  Here are a couple of little creations that I came up with today.

If your craft or hobby of choice has you using pins and needles then a pincushion is a must have accessory.  This little handy item can be your best friend to help keep those pins and needles close at hand.  

I love to recycle different items whenever I can and in this case two glass votive candle holders were perfect for a couple of cute little pincushion creations.  I decided that the empty jars were not heavy enough to be stable so I filled one jar with clear glass stones and the other jar with blue glass marbles used for floral arrangements.  Each one was then paired with a coordinating colored felted wool and decorated with an appropriate design.  


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