Thursday, September 20, 2012

Playing With Dolls

"Nothing is sweeter, nor more bitter, than one's own children."
Macedonian Proverb

I raised three girls and none of them ever really liked playing with dolls.

The oldest was into playing outdoors as much and as often as she could, even in the middle of winter out in the snow.  The only doll she ever enjoyed playing with was a Micky Mouse that her grandmother gave her.  The middle one did enjoy her Barbie dolls but for her they were a collection to keep dressed in their original outfits and store away.  The youngest was a climber and saw everything from a fence to a tree as a challenge to be conquered.  The only doll she would not give up was not even supposed to be a doll.  I crocheted a doll body that had extra long legs meant to be a draft stopper for the door but when she got her hands on it she wanted to keep it for herself as a sleeping buddy.

I on the other hand remember playing with dolls all the time as a young child.  As a grown up I spent many years in Germany and when I first saw a Matryoshka doll , or stacking doll, while visiting what was then East Berlin, I fell in love with them and now have a collection that is over 35 years old.  Each one is loved and I have some that I actually purchased while I was on a trip to what was then the Soviet Union.

As a tribute to my collection and love for Matryoshka Dolls I created a Matryoshka Doll Throw Pillow to add to my shop.

The pillow tops are 100% cotton layered with Warm and Natural cotton batting that is quilted with a satin stitch along the clothing seam lines and also quilted on the bottom skirt portion.  The pillow backs are a soft and cuddly fleece fabric in coordinating colors that makes a great surface to lay your head.  Doll faces come in a variety of flesh toned colors, have machine stitched sleeping faces and hair that is made of polyester acrylic fleece machine stitched in place.

What was your favorite doll?  Please leave a comment if you stop by and share what your favorite doll or play activity was when you were a child. 

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