Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday - My Twelve Step Quilting

The last time I left off on Step 5 of my "Twelve Step Quilting Program" and unforutnately last week was taken up with doctor's appointments so I had to skip my WIP update.

This week I have moved on to

Step 6:  Cut all the string squares into triangles and trim to size.


Step 7:  Remove all the paper foundations pieces.  The instructions for this pattern called for a small stitch length and I am happy to find that it comes in very handy when removing the paper foundations.  Its as if the paper were perforated and they peel off very easily.

Step 8:  Cut out my geese "wings" out of the gold toned fabric and start to finish off my flying geese sections.

Since this is a scrap quilt I don't know how far the number of geese I have will take me but I am anxious to see a finished product so I will stitch these together and make whatever size quilt I can.

I have 4 more steps to go to make this a true 12 step program and I hope that I will be able to make my way to the end of the road with this project. If you drop in please leave a comment and feel free to give out suggestions.  What has helped you work through a project to the end?  Are you a UFO (unfinished object) collector or do you work through one project at a time?

I hope that you have a smooth trip down "life in the craft lane" and are inspired to jump "on the wagon" with me and find a creative use for your scraps.


thebutterflyquilter said...

I love scrappy quilts so no doubt I think I will like this when its done!! I have a couple of projects in my head but try to do one at a time. Doesn't always work!

Pamela said...

I'm definitely a UFO collecter (I think it's quilters ADD!). It is very seldom that I do a project from start to finish without side-tracking to other ideas.