Monday, October 13, 2008

It's been a long day.

I slept in late this morning after staying up until 2:00 am waiting on my daughter to get off of work. She doesn't have a car so I had to go pick her up at 1:30 am, not my idea of a restful evening.

Today I went to Hancock fabric store and picked up a few odds and ends and some fabric for a tote bag for a Christmas gift. We went shopping and stopped at Whataburger to get something for lunch and then went home to start sewing up some potholders for the craft show.

I had posted pictures of my pin cushions and needle books in the Quilt In A Day forum and I actually got a sale from that. Someone on the forum sent me a message asking if I could sell them a set and send it to a friend of theirs as a gift. You never know where that next sale is coming from , so I guess it is a good idea to get your products out there as much as you can. I haven't had any more etsy sales so it felt good to see that buyers were approaching me from other sites.

Tomorrow I will be working on those pot holders and a few other kitchen items to go along with them. This is my attempt to add some lower price point items and hopefully an easy sell when it comes to the craft sale and my etsy shop. Somewhere between working on items, listing items and creating patterns I need to get caught up on my sleep, which may not be an easy thing to do. I feel as if time is running out to get things done for the craft sale on the 25th of this month and the more I want to do, the more that seems to come up to take my attention away from my work. I probably need to take a day off of working and just veg out in front of the television.

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