Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Mayhem

Mondays around here are usually uneventful with the back to work and school routine, but not today. This morning I was off to take pets to the vet and grown children to the doctor as I played ambulance driver and caregiver. I have learned that having grown children does not mean that our roles as mothers change very much, it just means that the distances we have to travel to get to our children increases.

I spent the day with my daughter trying to ease her pain and anxiety over her pets accident and we both felt better when we picked her up at the vet this afternoon. Her dog will be fine, just a bit frightened and nervous but after a good nights rest I am sure both will be much better tomorrow.

This little dog has been part of the family for the last 8 yrs and it is always difficult to see our pets hurt or ill, almost as difficult as it is to see our children that way. Pet owners do not own their pets, their pets own them.

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Carin said...

I am glad your daughters puppy is going to be okay