Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Usually we procrastinate on decorating our Christmas tree but this year is different.  The day after Thanksgiving we pulled out the numerous boxes of ornaments and garland and began the week long event of decorating for the biggest holiday of the year, Christmas.  I thought I would share our progress as everything takes shape.
The family room contains the tree with the most familiar and the oldest ornaments we have, many dating back 30 yrs or more.  Every year we purchased a new ornament for each of our girls adding to their collections as they grew until they moved out of our home to live on their own.  With only one daughter left at home we have her ornaments on this tree, all 20 of them, soon to be a collection of 21 and along with those we have the ones that dear hubby and I have collected for ourselves since we were married.  Ornaments range from the ornate to the silly but each one is loved and cherished every year and each year one more finds its home in one of our trees.

Some may say that we over indulge having a tree in almost every room of the house, of course some of the trees are small and not really the focal point of the room so you really have to look around to find them.  This is my kitchen tree with ornaments that are food or cooking related, such as the cookie and spatula ornaments.  My baking Santa keeps the tree company and watches over my kitchen as we prepare to celebrate our Christmas holidays.

So this is just a peak at the ever growing decorations and everything should be up by the weekend and that means lots of work over the next few days.  With the weather growing colder we will light the fireplace and sip hot chocolate as we sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

Of course some little helpers just have to be the first to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere before everything is finished.


Pam S. Cole said...

How wonderful!!! Enjoyed your story and the pictures!!!

sewinggranny Mona said...

Beautiful...looks like my cat...sleeping under the tree!