Sunday, December 20, 2009

Making a List - Checking it Twice

I feel like Santa, except my list does not include gifts or names of good little boys and girls.

 My list is the next step in helping contain the UFOs in my sewing studio.  This is not a task I look forward to, making a list only confirms how much of a porcrastinator I am and maybe I do suffer from ADD (attention deficit disorder). 

I have numerous bags that contain completed blocks or quilt tops that have been accquired through participation in swaps, exchanges and round robins with other quilters all over the world.  Along with these there are many projects that I am guilty of starting all on my very own and I think it only makes sense that those closest to completion will take the top of the list.  Chosing these UFOs will get many projects out of the way quickly and hopefully give me some items to list in my shop as well as some lovely items to decorate my home.

The List: January 2010

1.   Flower Basket Wall Hanging
This is a completed wall hanging that requires only quilting and binding and is the result of a round robin challenge.  The center block, basket with flowers minus the jumbo rick rack handle, was the block I submitted for the challenge.  The two outer borders and the rick rack basket handle were added by the three other participants in my group. This item will grace the walls of my sewing studio when finished.

2.  Rose Garden Rag Quilt
The second item on the list for January is a set of 20 blocks made in flannel.  Each block will be layered and quilted individually and then pieced together with alternating blocks of a contrasting color in a rag quilt fashion.  This will be listed in my shop for sale as soon as it is done.

With Purple as the color theme for the month, I plan to kick off my sewing on Monday, January 4th and I only hope that  I don't sidetracked by other projects that need to get done or new projects that strike my fancy mid-stream.  Let's hope that this year will bring renewed focus and commitment to contain the beast that lives within.

Let me know how you are doing as the month progresses and I will do likewise.  I know that there are others like me out there and I could really use the company and the support of knowing somone else is working along with me.  Maybe we could share photos of your progress also, or if you blog too please share your link so we can check on your progress.

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kimbuktu said...

Good for you squarely facing your pile of UFO's. I am not quite ready to do that, lol.