Friday, March 19, 2010


Today's quilters use modern fabrics and non traditional colors to add vibrance and life to their quilts.  In the Quiltsy Team you can find a wide variety of quilting styles as well as colors.

This beautiful quilt by Bonbons and More is a traditional pinwheel pattern made in a bright and scrappy design.

Using bright fabrics gives this traditional log cabin block a modern and fun look.

This is one of my quilts and I describe it as, a traditional design with a modern look, made in bright and vibrant colors for the non traditionalist.

Tomorrow is National Quilting Day and I for one will be spending some time working on some of my quilting projects.  I hope that this week I have been able to bring you all some interesting items and have given you a good look at what the Etsy Quiltsy Team has to offer.


krissybizz said...

Thanks for including my quilt!! Lovely choices!

kimbuktu said...

Lovely quilts, Happy National Quilt Day, and Happy First Day of Spring!

Debbie said...

Beautiful quilts!