Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creativity Day 6 - A New Listing

This morning I got going early and finished off the paper pieced compass and I was really thrilled how it came together. Unfortunately time is limited today and I was not able to do the project I wanted with the large quilt block.

I didn't want today to go without anything else getting done so I decided that a mini block was in order and would be easier to put into a finished piece.  I actually only used a 1/4th of a mini block for this cute little postcard.

This Mariner's Compass project has been so much fun and tomorrow I will continue to work on the larger block so that I can get it finished and share it with everyone.

Fabric postcards are fun to do and easy to put together once you get the hang of them and I love how this little bit of sunshine came out.  What is your favorite type of project?  What do you find that is easy to do?

Please share with us and comment on what kind of projects are your favorites or are a breeze for you to get done.


Jennifer said...

Your compass looks beautiful. You are totally inspiring me to give paper piecing a try!

Dawn said...

I love your Mariner's Compass! Great design (and the colors you used are stunning!).