Friday, August 12, 2011

Creativity Day 16 - Photos on Fabric

Okay, sometimes the internet is your friend and sometimes it is not.  After a few days of internet browser issues, that I hope have been resolved, I am back.

Among my hobbies is photography, I love taking pictures of everything, especially flowers.  Every year I like to photograph my garden with before and after pictures, but this year the drought in Texas has kept me from doing much gardening.  A few weeks ago we traveled to visit family in Indiana which up to that point had the perfect amount of rain to grow some of the most beautiful flowers I have seen all summer.  I spent a day taking pictures of some of the lovely scenery and I have decided to add a new technique to my postcard making.  Color photos on fabric is a new thing for me.  I have done several photo quilts but the photographs have always been in black and white so doing color photos will be a new experience.

I think this is going to make a beautiful greeting card for a birthday, housewarming or just to say hello, the message on the back is up to the sender.  I was surprised at how vivid the colors were on the fabric and I think I will finish up the postcard and maybe even do a bit of bead embellishment on a couple of the other pictures I have.  One more beautiful and easy to personalize idea to add to my shop.

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