Thursday, January 14, 2010

Create, Create, Create

"Create like a god; comand like a king; work like a slave."
Constantin Brancusi

I don't dare compare myself to God, but I do understand what this quote implies and I am taking it to heart this week.

I have been working like a "slave" trying to get one of my January UFO items finished, and a custom order lap quilt completed as well So far both are going together nicely and should be done by the deadline I have set for myself.

Three of four rows have been put together and the fourth row is soon to be attached along with a border around the entire quilt. It will be listed in my Etsy shop as soon as it is done, a flannel lap quilt with a layer of cotton batting inside making it a very cozy little quilt.

The custom order quilt is the final one of four commissioned as a memory quilt made from mens shirts.  This has been a job that has touched my heart knowing that these quilts are filled with memories for the owners of a loved one they have lost.

Still need to sew rows together add borders and then quilt and bind.

Lots of work to still get done so I am off to my "sweat shop" to get closer to my goal.

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GrandmaMarilyns said...

Lovely work. Your quilts are gorgeous.