Friday, January 8, 2010

The Power of a Word

I have never made New Year Resolutions; there was never any point because I knew I wasn't going to stick to it.  I was always a "fly by the seat of my pants" sort of gal, but as the seat of my pants have gotten larger over the years, it has become more like flying a kite.  A kite sort of just goes wherever and you need to fight with it to keep it up in the air and just sort of hold on for dear life, not my idea of a good plan.  Something needs to change.

While looking over my Facebook page I found, Lisa Fulmer the guest designer at , inviting readers to join a challenge.  Pick an inspirational word for 2010?  The possibilities are endless, but it had to be "one" word.

Last month I began looking at my quilting UFOs (unfinished Objects), and trying to get them under control by vowing to complete two of these each month.  So far so good and maybe blogging about them will keep me accountable, sort of like having someone watching you so you need to follow through.  Yet I feel that there needs to be more than completing things that have been left by the wayside.  There has to be new stuff along the way to keep me motivated.  Could the word be "stuff"?

I started my business a year and a half ago and although I know that any new venture takes time, I see others doing similar work that are doing much better than I am, leaving me a bit unfullfilled.  I have decided that I need to read and learn and listen to others and their experiences and not duplicate but adjust things to my needs and what I do best.  As I continue to give my business more thought I realize that this last year I have been "making" items for my shop but not been adding many "creations".  This has left me uninspired and unmotivated.  So this has to be my word for 2010, "create", a word that challenges and fulfills me at the same time, something that I feel I have not been doing.

I proceeded to "create" my inspiration board.  This is what I came up with.

As a quilter I had to include thread and fabric, but I also love to embellish and applique so those techniques had to be included also.  The background layer of fabric and thread has an overlay of irridescent tulle that sort of adds a veil to the foundation of my board.  The upper layers are sewed on or glued on bringing them to the top as they surface and inspire me to "create".


Jeanette said...

This is a fabulous entry for OPH. I love your thoughts on 'creating' instead of just 'doing'. I've felt somewhat the same what lately. I love quilts. In fact I go to the shows whenever one comes to town. I can't sew at all tho. I went back several pages on your wonderful blog and saw the cute kittie napping under your tree. I'm so glad that you stopped in and introducing me to your wonderful quilts and blog.


kimbuktu said...

I like this post a lot because it is reflective and honest and lets us see a bit of yourself. Wonderful word choice for the year.

I am wondering if my choice should be "prioritize"

lisa fulmer said...

fabulous piece, love your work! Thanks so much for joining in!

Catskill Quilter said...

Could I be reading and commenting just a tad late? LOL...I am glad that I ventured from today's craft show post, backward, to read this one! It is the new creations that make a business so personally satisfying, even if the repeats are our "bread and butter."