Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sew the World Turns

It is 6:40 on a Sunday morning, coffee is brewing and the only thing I can think of is that I need to go to JoAnns and buy some flannel that I think goes on sale today.  As much as I love fabric I dred walking into a fabric shop right now, so much temptation that I really don't need.

No sales so far this year (2010) and I really can't justify buying more fabric, except for the fact that if I don't I can't finish one of my UFO quilts that I want to list.  It is such a "Catch 22".  I need it, I want it, but I feel so guilty doing it.  Another problem is also the uncertainty of a sale.  If I make it will they buy?

I get discouraged, as I am sure many of my fellow Etsians do too, I make things and they sit in my shop forever.  I have had 2 sales this last year that I was ready to remove because they sat there for almost a year with tons of views, few hearts and certainly no sales.  So the question is.....Will this continue to happen?  Will I just have to wait till the end of next year to sell items that I have listed this month?  Let's hope not.  Answer... Be Patient.

Life will go on and "Sew the World Turns".  I will create items and concentrate on colors, designs, techniques that I love and pray that someone else loves them too.  Shabby Chic Flannel lap Rag Quilt and matching throw pillow cover will be a new listing for this next week.  We will patiently wait and see what happens.


Nora said...

So true, I need fabric to finish UFO, but get discourage when things don't sell

QuiltieComments said...

Sorry you're discouraged! I've been that way with my etsy shop for a while too...but 2010 is my year to do lots of promoting and lots of posting and hopefully turn it around.

Good luck with your shop, I wish you many sales!!

Have A Nice Day said...

Just hang in there. keep calm and carry on :)